Use Cutting Edge Mobile and Internet Solutions and Participate in their Economies.

  • The People's Business

    A New Technology and Financial Empowerment System.
  • Global Challenges

    Technology's Economy is a Solution to our Serious Global Challenges
  • Unified Experience

    People need simplicity, efficiency and new ways of making money.
  • Unified Networking

    Network for personal, social, financial and charitable empowerment.
  • Empowerment Network

    You can now build financially empowering global networks.
  • Unified Communications

    Our system enables you to communicate effectively from where you are.
  • Social Media

    Benefit from our integrated Social Network and Media solutions.
  • Social Commerce

    Commerce is now global and social and you can be a part of it.
  • Project Fundraising

    Create projects and raise funds with like-minded supporters.
  • Global SIM Card

    Connected to 800 networks, our SIM reduces roaming costs by 30%-90%.
  • Mobile Phones

    Our dual SIM smartphones and mini phone enhance your life.
  • Mobile Payments

    Make payments, transfer money and raise funding with LovePay.
  • Satellite Broadband

    Satellite Broadband and Communications are now cheaper and better.
  • Fair Trade Products

    Transform our world for the better by choosing Fair Trade.
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We Empower People, Businesses and Organizations With Innovative Technology, Life Enhancement Solutions and Opportunities to Create Wealth.


The People's Vision is a Social Enterprise which provides cutting-edge Internet and Mobile solutions via a new social-business system focused on conscious, social and financial empowerment called The People's Business.

The People's Business provides a unified and simplified mobile and Internet experience via a portfolio of integrated services, products and applications. You can learn more about these in our Ecosystem section.
The People's Business also combines these solutions with a new inclusive business model to additionally empower:
* People to create sustainable income that improves and liberates their lives,
* Businesses to establish new revenue streams in order to sustain or diversify and expand their business profitability, and
* Charitable organizations to create sustainable funding that can replace and or complement unsustainable donations.
You can learn more about these opportunities in The People's Business section and Social Entrepreneurs section.