A New Empowerment Business


If business evolved like technology to be more inclusive and empowering, today's socio-economic problems would not exist.

We are a growing team of dedicated people who share a holistic view of technology, business, society, our planet and people's lives.

We believe that the way we use certain technological solutions can be enhanced and made more effective if these solutions are integrated to provide a unified experience, available across the web and mobile platforms and delivered in way that enables people, businesses and organizations to enjoy them and interact as part of a progressive and socially conscious community.

We also recognize the increasng need for technological solutions around the world and its consequential expanding economy on one hand, and on the other hand, our serious global challenges of growing unemployment, especially among the youth, the increasing disparity between the wealthy and the poor, and their combined negative effect on people's lives and the global economy.

World Economic Forum - Davos 2015. WEF members statement:

"Between 2012 and 2014 growing inequality was identified as the most likely threat to the global economy. There is no policy challenge that preoccupies political leaders around the world more than that of how to expand social participation in the process and benefits of economic growth and integration. We know what we need: inclusive economies. Addressing inequality is not only a responsibility but also an opportunity. Addressing inequality is good for business as it creates a new demographic of consumers, thus widening the market for profits and services and increasing profit opportunities, especially for women."


To reduce the negative effect of these challenges and using Abraham Maslow's Hierachy of Human Needs and the Millennium Development Goals as frameworks for empowerment, we developed a new business platform that enables personal, social and financial empowerment called The People’s Business It does this by providing an enabling portfolio of technology services and products while simultaneously applying their multi-faceted economies in a manner that positively addresses these three serious global challenges.

While providing our services and products, The People's Business places individuals as well as businesses and organziations at the heart of Business in order to empower people with financial security and safety so that they have the opportunity, freedom and ability to follow their vocation, be socially empowered and lead fulfilling and happy lives.

 Maslow MDG Business


Our ecosystem of services and products serve important personal, social and business needs and are delivered directly to users through partnerships with businesses and charitable organizations and also via our new Empowerment Network called The People’s World.