The People's Foundation

A Non=Profit Organization committed to inclusive charitable giving for collective advancement of societies worldwide.

The People's Foundation is a non-profit organization established to distribute charitable funding allocated by The People's Vision.

The People's Vision allocates 5% of total gross income for charitable causes and passess this charitable funding to The People's Foundation for onward distribution.

The Foundation distribites 3% of this 5% to the Charitable Network in The People's World Empowerment Network. Here members of The People's World select up to 10 participating charitable and non-prfot organizations to receive a pro-rata share of the total 3% received from the Foundation.

The Foundation uses the balance 2% of the 5% to fund its own charitable projects, as well as partner projects and partner organizations in need of funding assistance.   

TPF Charitable Giving1

The People's Foundation distribution and use of Charitable Funds allocated by The People's Vision.


The People's World Charitable Network
800 women die every day worldwide from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth and 99% of all maternal deaths occur in developing countries. This ironic tragedy, that a person should lose their life while giving life to another.

TPW Charitable Network

Members of our Empowerment Network select beneficieries from the network directory of approved charitable organizations. 

All members of The People's World Empowerment Network can allocate one or more of 10 x 0.3% units to approved charitable organizations.  Once saved, these settings can be left for future charitable network allocations or can be changed on a month by month basis by members.

The Charitable Network within The People's World Unified Network is a community environment with rich communication, collaboration, group and project features that enable Charitable Organizations to engage and develope relationships with social and business network members of The People's World. Charitable organizations wishing to enhance their charitable funding invite their donor community to use The People's Vision services and products due the inherent charitable financial component in all revenues. Organizations are thus provided a unique platform for generating sustainable funding for their projects in partnership with individuals and businesses who wish to use technology that incorporates ethical economics.