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    You can start a global business with just £5.00 a month... and desire.
  • Work Your Love

    More people realize the importance of doing what they love and enjoy.
  • Leverage Your Network

    Your network creates wealth for companies. Why not for you?
  • Working Together

    Our work objective should be what adds value to life.
  • Priceless Friendships

    What is better in business than succeeding with your friends?
  • Business Networking

    Network collaboration is at the heart of The People's Business.
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The People's World Empowerment Network is our global platform that enables people, businesses and organisations to easily tap into proven local and international high growth market sectors using our infrastructure.  Members can access the full Empowerment Business system from any browser and its core communications solution My Mobile Office and mobile payments solution LovePay are also available as Android and iPhone apps.

You can join The People's World Empowerment Network for free and apply its Network Effect based inclusive business system called Unified Networking to establish multiple streams of monthly income.  With only a £5.00 per month subscription to our Social Commerce online shop that enables you to earn retail margins selling The People's Vision mobile products as well as your own and other members' products, and or £10.00 per month subscription to the Business Network which enables you to benefit from income opportunities within the Business Network, you can start establishing sustainable income.

Empowerment Network Image

The system can also be accessed via our unique stylus pen smartphone, The People's Phone SP, thus proviiding members of The People's World with a "business in a phone" solution with which to build a unique global business.

Used within The People's Phone SP, The People's Business Empowerment System allows The People's World network members to:

Connect and share in its social network.
Communicate with push Email, IM, VoIP & Conferencing.
Use its digitizer pen to be more productive and creative.
Create projects & get funded.
Sell online with an online shop with access to a growing wholesale suppliers' market place.
Make secure mobile & Internet payments.
Save money on roaming charges with our global SIM.
Enjoy the transformational experience of using two SIMS in a phone instead of one.
Share income from revenue generated from subscriptions of services and purchases of products including the smartphone in their affiliate business network.

If you would like to learn more about our Empowerment Network opportunities, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .