A Time For Collective Empowerment


When we realise we are all connected, business will be more inclusive, economies will be sustainable and societies will thrive.


De-regulation decentralized the opportunity to create wealth within the telecoms and financial sectors from incumbents to corporations. The People's Business extends this process and opportunity further to empower people, businesses and charitable organizations by incorporating them into the revenue making and revenue sharing process of dynamic and sustainable Information and Communication Technology market sectors.




The People's Business provides a portfolio of integrated cutting edge solutions that include social, business, drop-ship eCommerce and humanitarian networks, unified communications across web and mobile, project management and crowdfunding, a global SIM card that reduces roaming charges, mobile phones and smartphones, mobile payment services, a focused range of Fair Trade products and satellite broadband connectivity.  

The People's World Empowerment Network members can access the full system from any browser and its core communications solution My Mobile Office and mobile payments solution LovePay are also available as Android and iPhone apps.

The system can also be accessed via our three smartphones, including our stylus pen smartphone The People's Phone SP (pictured right), thus providing members of The People's World with a "business in a phone" platform with which to build a unique global business. You can learn more via the "Start A Business" page in the Be Empowered section.

Channel Partners are Charitable Organizations or Companies who use specific solutions in our portfolio with their supporters, communities, networks or staff members. These solutions include our global SIM card, Unified Communications application, mobile phones and soon our mobile payment service. Some solutions like our global SIM card, mobile phones and Unified Communications can be co-branded.  Please see our Fund Your Charity and Empower Your People pages in the Be Empowered section. 

Resellers are individuals or businesses that have access to potential charitable organization or company clients who can benefit from our solutions. Resellers earn a percentage of revenue generated by the clients they introduce to The People's Vision.

If you would like to learn more about our Channel Partner or Empowerment Network opportunities, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



The People's Phone SP